OtterBox Pursuit 20, 40 Series Cases and DryBox

OtterBox Pursuit 20 and 40 series cases for your iPhone and Android Smartphones. OtterBox Drybox 3250 is now here too. Awesome 100 feet waterproof depth and crush proof. The best protective phone case for outdoor adventure. Go with confidence
  • OtterBox Pursuit 20 Series Dry Box Summit Blue

    OtterBox Pursuit 20 Series Dry Box Summit Blue

    Completely waterproof for total adventure. Internal cushioning and crush proof.

    Available now...

    What it holds:

    • An iPhone 4/4S with a Defender Series case (not for iPhone 5) - Smaller BlackBerry models such as the Pearl series.
    • Check the dimensions below with your BlackBerry smartphone for fitment.
    • The 40 series is larger and fits the larger size BlackBerry's such as Q10 and 9900.
    • Or a wallet and keys with vital essentials

    What's great about it?

    • Protects against water, crush, drop and dust (100 feet deep waterproof, crush proof to 1000 lbs)
    • Keeps your critical necessities safe, dry and secure
    • Simple to open, solid secure latch
    • Lockable carabiner loop for quick tethering
    • Inside cushioning barrier for impact protection of contents



    Exterior Dimensions: 41.91mm H x 97.78mm W x 142.23 D
    Holds a rectangular volume of: 16.74mm H x 68.83mm W x 123.95mm D
    Approximate total internal volume: 245 mL