Torch 9860 Bury Car Kit

Bury System 8 Cradle BlackBerry Torch 9860 | Bury System 9 Cradle BlackBerry Torch 9860
  • Bury System 8 Base Station Back

    Bury System 8 Base Station

    $215.00 (AUD)

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    Item Code: VS86UCCT

    The best BlackBerry car kits are designed by THB, a German Company. Thier System 8 range specifically covers all types of BlackBerry devices and other mobiles.

    The systems are made up a two parts, a base station and a cradle.

    Once your kit is installed, you will not have to change car kits when you change handsets in the future, you simply purchase the correct cradle for your new handset and it will clip into your base station.

    The base stations are universal and the cradles are specifcally made for most BlackBerry devices. Once you have a base station installed, you can clip in any cradle you require.

    When ordering, make sure you order a base station, the correct cradle for your handset and a professional installation.

    Once we receive your order, we will contact you to arrange your kit to be installed.


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