BlackBerry Leap

Australian pricing and release dates for Australia are expected very soon for the newly anticipated BlackBerry Leap. The new Leap boasts a 5 inch HD display, 8MP rear camera and 25 hour battery life just to name a few. This new BlackBerry will take you through your entire working day with power still left to burn. Expect all the standard authentic BlackBerry accessories such as the pocket case, soft shell and we already know there is a Charge and Sync Pod on the way.

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  • BlackBerry Leap

    BlackBerry Leap

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    BlackBerry Leap Australian Features

    At last the trackpad is back! BlackBerry have listened and responded to what many customers asked for.

    • Keys to drive navigation and phone calls
    • Super fast and astoundingly stunning web browsing
    • A battery that keeps you going all day
    • Access to install Android™ and BlackBerry apps

  • BlackBerry Leap Charge and Sync Pod

    BlackBerry Leap Charge and Sync Pod

    It's worth upgrading your Z10 just so you can use a charging pod!

    Available Now...

    The BlackBerry® Charging & Sync Pod gives you a convenient and attractive way to charge your BlackBerry® Leap. Just place it in, and the clock is displayed while it begins to charge right away. And, if you’re on a call, the speakerphone feature of your BlackBerry® smartphone is automatically enabled so you can continue talking. Ideal for the home or office, it’s conveniently angled so you can watch videos or listen to music. What’s more, your BlackBerry® Leap stays fully functional while charging, so you can power up with style and convenience.

    • BlackBerry® Leap Charging & Sync Pod
    • BlackBerry® Micro-USB cable included